Albania Igli Diesel Service

We installed the Codeman Plus Diesel Injector – Pump Test & Code Bench , CR1 Express Injector Test Bench, CRST 600 Diesel Injector Calibration Bench to Albania Igli Diesel Service. We gave training about test benches. We wish success to our customer. If you would like to see our products, visit the product page Benefits of Diesel Test – Coding

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Diesel Unit Injector Test Bench for France

Christophe Diesel France unit injector test bench installations completed Unit Spc Unit Injector Pump Test Bench has been made compatible with our customer’s mechanical bench All machine calibrations were done and necessary trainings were given to our customers In addition, the Codeman Plus bench was installed and the tests and codings of Delphi/Denso/Siemens/Bosch injectors were shown to our customers in

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