DAYEL DIESEL Test Benches are Working in Macedonia!

DAYEL DIESEL test benches are working in Macedonia! We installed Codeman Plus Injector Testing & Coding Machine and CRST600 Injector Calibration Bench for our customer Besim Dizel / Tetovo We wish success to our customer and bring many customers Codeman Plus Codeman PLUS+ Premium, Exact and fast CR injector and pump TESTING & CODING Performing complete and accurate test of multi-brand

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Dayel Diesel Installed the New Diesel Test Bench to Portugal

DAYEL DIESEL in Portugal! We installed our common rail injector test bench Codeman Express machine for our VIP Portugal customer, we renewed our customer’s Codeman Plus machine and educate our client We wish the new machine to be good for our customer and bring good luck Codeman Express, Premium, Exact and fast CR injector TESTING and CODINGPerforming complete and accurate test of multi-brand

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kayseri dizel enjektör test makinesi

Codeman Express for Kayseri Dizel

Codeman Express is in Kayseri now! Our worldwide accepted diesel injector test and coding machine Codeman Express has reached to our customer in Kayseri, we have completed the installations, we wish success them For detailed information about Codeman Express, you can visit CODEMAN EXPESS page Codeman Express Diesel Injector Testing Machine working video

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