Injector Coding

Injector Coding Systems on Dayel Diesel What is Delphi C2i / C3i code? All Delphi Common Rail injectors have the independent injector Characterization (C2i) code or the Enhanced Independent Injector Characterization (C3i) code in the new generation systems. This code is a 16-digit hexadecimal code for C2i and a 20-digit alphanumeric code for C3i. The code is related to the

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Common Rail Diesel Injector Coding Process with 10 Steps

1-Diagnosis with a Diesel Injector Test Bench The diesel injector test bench allows for a thorough diagnosis of injectors by simulating actual engine conditions. This includes testing under different load and RPM scenarios. Technicians can identify issues such as poor spray patterns, clogging, or inconsistent fuel delivery. 2-Injector Testing on the Bench Once an injector is placed on the test

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DAYEL DIESEL Test Benches are Working in Macedonia!

DAYEL DIESEL test benches are working in Macedonia! We installed Codeman Plus Injector Testing & Coding Machine and CRST600 Injector Calibration Bench for our customer Besim Dizel / Tetovo We wish success to our customer and bring many customers Codeman Plus Codeman PLUS+ Premium, Exact and fast CR injector and pump TESTING & CODING Performing complete and accurate test of multi-brand

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codeman express diesel injector test bench injector coding bench

Codeman Express Shipments Has Started

Our the most popular diesel injector test bench Codeman Express is on production line. We has started to shipments for our clients. Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Ankara, Bostanci-Istanbul shipments are on the way! GOP-Istanbul, Ekvador, Romania, Sefakoy-Istanbul shipments will be shiped as soon as possible. Thank you for all our customers for their great interest to Codeman Express. Click the product

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Albania Igli Diesel Service

We installed the Codeman Plus Diesel Injector – Pump Test & Code Bench , CR1 Express Injector Test Bench, CRST 600 Diesel Injector Calibration Bench to Albania Igli Diesel Service. We gave training about test benches. We wish success to our customer. If you would like to see our products, visit the product page Benefits of Diesel Test – Coding

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We Visited to Westtech Diesel Romania

We visited Westtech diesel Romania and installed the 4th Dayel injector testing machine. We provided training on machine usage. We wish success them with new Dayel Diesel Injector Test Bench. Dayel Diesel Test Benches provide fast and exact results to testing diesel injectors. It gives solutions for common rail and UNIT injectors You could visit our products to see our

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Dayel Diesel Installed the New Diesel Test Bench to Portugal

DAYEL DIESEL in Portugal! We installed our common rail injector test bench Codeman Express machine for our VIP Portugal customer, we renewed our customer’s Codeman Plus machine and educate our client We wish the new machine to be good for our customer and bring good luck Codeman Express, Premium, Exact and fast CR injector TESTING and CODINGPerforming complete and accurate test of multi-brand

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