Injector Test Machine – Codeman Plus +

We have 5 different CR test & Code benches for all brands Bosch ,Delphi, Denso, VDO-Siemens.But only 2 of them both CR pump test and CR injector test & code bench.

  • Codeman PT can test and code single injector at the same time .
  • Codeman Plus can test and code 4 injectors at the same time .
common rail test bench

Karatas Diesel Ikitelli

One of our best friends Karatas Diesel received Codeman Express now! We installed new Diesel injector coding and testing machine to them. They will coding

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Alternative Diesel France

We installed new machines of our French client Alternative Diesel, we wish success them with Codeman TWIN and UNIT PCE testing benches. Beside We have

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