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Injector Coding [2021]

Injector Coding Systems on Dayel Diesel

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What is Delphi C2i / C3i code?

All Delphi Common Rail injectors have the independent injector Characterization (C2i) code or the Enhanced Independent Injector Characterization (C3i) code in the new generation systems.

This code is a 16-digit hexadecimal code for C2i and a 20-digit alphanumeric code for C3i. The code is related to the specific characteristics of each injector, such as fuel flow rates, response times, and performance under different pressure values, and is designed to precisely manage the fuel injected into each cylinder and calibrate the ECU’s injection system to achieve optimum engine efficiency.

These features are recorded in a code during production and then transferred to the label on the injector. During the installation of the injector to the vehicle, the code in question is programmed into the ECU.

Why are these codes required?

Even in the most modern production facilities, it is not possible to produce identical injectors with each other. Even the smallest physical difference between Common Rail injectors operating under very high pressures will cause discrepancies in the amount of fuel injected by each of the injectors.

This situation; A reduction in motor power will cause problems with increased engine noise and excessive smoke, resulting in poor engine performance. The amount of fuel injected by the injector is proportional to the injection time (signal time) and the manifold pressure. Therefore, it is possible to balance the differences occurring during production by changing the signal time applied to each injector. Delphi’s characterization codes are created by measuring the flow rate of each injector at four different pressure values ​​(200, 800, 1200 and 1600 bar). These measurements are then compared to a target (average) injector performance to determine the required signal time setting to obtain the required fuel delivery. This setting is converted to a 16 digit C2i or 20 digit C3i code.

Importance for after sales technician

All Delphi Common Rail injectors, whether new or repaired, carry a label with a characterization code. It is very important that the ECU is reprogrammed with this code when the injector is installed in the vehicle. This will ensure that the timing of the signal is adjusted and the correct fuel supply is assured. Failure to do this will cause problems such as low engine power, excessive smoke and increased engine noise, and the ECU will continue to work with the characterization features of the previous injector.

How should the ECU be reprogrammed?

To replace a Delphi Common Rail injector with a new one, the technician must use a diagnostic tool capable of writing C2i or C3i codes into the ECU. DS100E or DS150E appliances, which include Delphi’s Diesel Max software, are the only OE approved vehicles targeted for independent and authorized services that can provide this service. In addition to this unique diesel feature, the lean and compact device also offers complete diagnostics for other important vehicle electronics systems. Thanks to this device, the technician can read and delete fault codes as well as read real-time data. The DS instrument with Diesel Max software is also available as part of the Delphi Service Center – Diesel module.

How does coding affect injector repair?

When an injector is repaired, its operating characteristics change significantly. Therefore, it is very important to assign a new code C2i or C3i to the injector to properly reflect the performance of the repaired injector. Since code generation is a complex process, special testing equipment and software must be used to generate those codes in the aftermarket. Only authorized Delphi Common Rail services have the equipment to correctly generate C2i and C3i codes. For this reason.

Dayel Test Benches Give Codes For All Brands

Our engineers working on these test benches and we succeed to give codes for all brands, not only Delphi or Bosch. Our Codeman series generate ;

  • Bosch Selenoid IMA
  • Bosch Piezo ISA
  • Delphi C2i/C3i
  • Siemens IIC Coding
  • Denso QR Coding
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