PFC-02 DPF Cleaning Machine

This machine is designed for passenger cars, trucks, buses, construction equipment and agricultural equipment’s particulate filters and catalysts.

It is a great solution for car services and remanifactoring workshops.

Cleans all Car and Light Commercial;

  • DPF: Diesel Particulate Filter
  • GPF: Gasoline Particulate Filter
  • SCR: Selective Catalyst Reduction
  • CAT: Catalyst
  • DOC: Diesel Oxidation Catalyst

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Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine

PFC-01 keeps the cleaning quality at the highest level with its special programs.
Machine  has capable to clean the Paticulate filters under 20 minutes in auto mode with circulation system(Express mode)

Operation via 10,6″ touch screen monitor.
Check up test before cleaning and final check after cleaning and drying (as mbar )

Save and print out  facilities 
Wide range stainless steel paticule filter  cleaning area and easy fittings and fixtures  

Automatic tank water  filling with tank level control sensors and 2 filterzation system.
200 Liter Tank with double heater resistance.

It’s made from stainless steel.

Digital input air pressure measuring and warning system integrated drying system with profesional blowers.
Biodegradable good quality chemicals 

Clean and Test Progress is;

  • Checkup Pressure test
  • Pre-Washing
  • Detergent Washing
  • Rinsing
  • Spitting and Drying
  • Final Checkup test

**Heavy commercial vehichles aparats are optional. Pfc-01 model is for sedan and light commercial vehicles.

***This machine needs a air compresor.

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We are glad to work with Dayel Diesel. Codeman Express is a good machine
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Codeman Express is a great machine
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