Dieselec du Velay Codeman Quattro

We have completed the Codeman Quattro machine installation for Dieselec du Velay. We would like to thank our French customer and wish him good luck in his business ?

You can coding and testing 4 injectors at the same time with Codeman Quattro ?

✅ Bosch Solenoid IMA

✅ Bosch Piezo ISA

✅ Delphi C2i/C3i

✅ Siemens IIC Coding

✅ Denso QR Coding

You can visit our website or contact us for more information about our machine that successfully performs the coding ?

dieselec du velay 2 2.jpeg Diesel Test Benches, Tools, Equipments
Diesel Injection Test Bench
dieselec du velay 4.4.jpeg Diesel Test Benches, Tools, Equipments
Dieselec du Velay


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