Exact and fast CR pump  TESTING Simulator with its own flowmeters

Performing complete and accurate test of multi-brand CR pumps.

Pump testing;

  • Bosch CP1-CP3-CP4
  • Delphi
  • Denso HP3
  • Siemens

*This simulator needs to be used by a mechanical test bench (min 7,5kw motor power)

** Please check the OPTIONAL tab below to see additional auxiliary tools for other models

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CRPT 04 - CR Pump Testing Simulator

CRPT04  has reduced setup and test times as well as user friendly operation menu. 
Sensitive flowmeters has capable to test pump under 10 minutes.

It has a special rail and rail sensor to regulate and measure the pressure in a protected cabinet.
Operation via 15,6″ touch screen monitor. 

Easy setup with 90 degree fittings and 2500 bar Flexi pipes.

With loaded CR pump test plans you can test;

  • Efficienycy of flow
  • DRV or mprobe amperes and reaction
  • Internal pressure
  • Maximum pressure
  • Start pressure and plunger status

There are 4 groups and over 800 different test values in database, so each group offers perfect testing for injector and pumps.
Software updates and test plans can be loaded with remote desktop free of charge. 

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We are glad to work with Dayel Diesel. Codeman Express is a good machine
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Codeman Express is a great machine
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